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    Miscellaneous 2 is..Helen Keller

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    Miscellaneous 2 is..Helen Keller

    Post  Danji on Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:13 pm

    So..the audio from Miscellaneous II: Acquiescence of Sanity is..all Helen Keller'eded.

    Apparently the Ramones felt like douching us because..well they want money (how they could possibly get money by preventing us from using their song in our intro is beyond me.)

    In any case, we're looking into solutions right now.

    Oh yeah, and SPF agrees. Fuck YouTube.

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    Re: Miscellaneous 2 is..Helen Keller

    Post  J0E on Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:21 am

    That sucks!
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    Re: Miscellaneous 2 is..Helen Keller

    Post  Account Deleted on Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:16 am

    Why would the Ramones need more money? So they could gay themselves up more? And Youtube has thusly been dubbed by my roaming flock of cave dwarves "Mr. Douchey McILoveCock Pants."
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    Re: Miscellaneous 2 is..Helen Keller

    Post  TSMelvin on Sun Feb 08, 2009 3:25 pm

    Why does it continue to surprise and frustrate you guys when people who actually own the rights to the songs you're using tell you to knock it off?

    I know that you guys aren't doing this for profit, but YouTube is. That's where the problem is. YouTube gets money from advertisements. The content is the draw. If the content (no matter who put it there) is otherwise copyrighted, then Youtube must, by their own initiative or by the owners request, take down that content or demand that it be changed. If they don't, they can be sued for effectively stealing royalties.

    The longer your skits are up, the more likely the copyrighted stuff is going to get noticed. Complain about inconsistency, greed, jerkiness, and whatever else all you want to, but there's one thing that this isn't-- unfair.

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    Re: Miscellaneous 2 is..Helen Keller

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